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Attorney Matt Ausley became a lawyer to give people a different kind of legal experience. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all legal solutions to an assembly line of clients, Matt takes the time to get to know each of his clients on a personal basis. He believes this is the only way he can provide the legal solutions his clients need to not only move on but to THRIVE after a divorce or business legal conflict.

Our Jacksonville Florida Law Office

We strive to make our legal services as convenient for our clients as possible, so much of the legal business we do can be taken care of over the phone or by email. For our initial consultation—or any time our clients want to meet in person—we can make an appointment at our Jacksonville office or at another convenient location. We handle the following types of cases: 

In any of these legal situations, Matt’s goal is to help you come out of it better off than you went in. By focusing on the whole person rather than on the legal challenge, Matt helps his clients turn what could be setback into an opportunity for a better life. With his diverse background in a variety of careers, Matt brings a unique perspective to the way he practices law, and his clients appreciate his resourceful and creative solutions.


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You are more than the legal challenge you are facing today. Your family, career, passions, and spiritual life matter more than winning a court case. At Good Life Legal, we help you figure out what matters most to you so you can move forward after a divorce and find a way to thrive!