These Two Key Factors Allow Us To Focus On Helping Your Family Live the Good Life:

Fixed Prices

You probably want to know how much you will pay your attorney. We tell you; exactly, guaranteed, in writing, before you hire us. Really. The price we quote you is the price you pay.

Would you hire someone to build a house and pay them by the hour with no guarantee of how much time it would take? Neither would we. Because we all know that person would be building your house forever! But this is how most firms charge their clients. We used to bill this way too. It didn’t make much sense to us, so we fixed it. You’re welcome.

Limited Number of Clients

Time is your most precious resource. We take a limited number of clients per attorney, so we have time for you. The benefit? 
  • We move your case forward quickly because there aren’t 50 other clients in line ahead of you. Our calendar is open for setting hearings, mediations, and trials.
  • We are available to discuss your concerns with you.
  • We have time to focus on your matter. This means better preparation, better legal research, and better comprehension of your case.