Getting Divorced? We Can Help You Thrive!

Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to. When your marriage falls apart or someone fails to abide by a parenting plan or court order, you want to resolve your legal issues quickly and move on. At Good Life Legal, we are committed to helping you come through your legal challenges to a better place. Whether in a divorce or custody case, we use the law to help you thrive again.

Finding a Legal Solution That Works for Your Whole Life

While we may be meeting you in the midst of a legal crisis, Good Life Legal understands that you’re more than just a case number. You are a unique individual, and we want to solve your legal issues in a way that promotes the very best life has to offer you. That’s why our team considers the big picture—your family situation, occupation, hobbies, and spiritual life—when helping you make decisions about the actions you should take. 

Whether you’re considering a divorce or are involved in a custody dispute, we can help.

  • Divorce. Breaking apart the life you have built with another person is a complex process. At Good Life Legal, we work with other professionals to make sure we are meeting more than just your legal needs during a divorce. We will refer you to CPAs, realtors, and counselors to make sure you’re protected. As frustrating as family law issues can be, you have a golden opportunity to improve your life, and we use the law to make the most of that opportunity.  

If you’re facing divorce or struggling with custody issues, don’t hesitate to call us. In a quick, no-obligation phone conversation, we will let you know if you need an attorney and, if you do, whether we’re the right law firm for you. We want to help you find a way to thrive!