There is no question that a divorce is a major life change. Whatever the circumstances were that led to the end of your marriage, you may be looking to the future with fear and uncertainty. At Good Life Legal, our goal is to help you reframe difficult family conflicts, such as divorce and custody disputes, as opportunities for growth and the first step to a more positive life. We believe divorce law is not about winners and losers, but about moving forward in a way that benefits you and your children. We offer a full range of divorce law services to help you thrive.

Offering Compassionate Divorce Law Services

At Good Life Legal, we recognize that your life is about more than the legal situation you are facing. When crafting a plan, we want to understand the hopes and goals you have for every area of your life so that we can support you in achieving them once your legal matter is resolved. We never see our clients as just case numbers, and we apply this philosophy to all of our law services, including:

  • Divorce. No one hopes their marriage will end in divorce, but there are times when it cannot be avoided. When your marriage is over, you need to make sure your interests are represented and that you get what you need out of the agreement. An attorney can ensure that problems don’t escalate and disputes are resolved fairly. Even when both parties are in mutual agreement, an attorney can make sure the process is smooth and efficient.
  • Child custody. Drafting a custody arrangement that works for both spouses and for the children can be a tricky matter. At Good Life Legal, we educate our clients about the long-term ramifications of custody decisions and fight to get them an arrangement that will work now and in the future.
  • Asset division. The division of property can be incredibly contentious. We help our clients assess their future financial needs and determine what really matters to them as they move forward. This way, they get what they need out of the process without making a difficult situation more difficult.
  • Alimony and child support. Determining what you deserve and what you need to provide a seamless transition for your children is key to negotiating for fair alimony and child support. Our team will help you assess all aspects of the divorce to get the financial settlement you deserve.

Helping You Thrive After a Family Conflict

A divorce affects every area of your life. Getting the legal outcome you hope for does not guarantee you will be better off overall. That’s why at Good Life Legal, our approach to divorce is more holistic. Yes, we will fight in court to get what you need from divorce and custody agreements, but we will also refer you to professionals who can help you with the other areas of your life that have been affected by the divorce. This team approach includes personal referrals to the following kinds of professionals in the community:

  • Financial advisors
  • Realtors
  • Counselors
  • Fitness and nutrition experts
  • Spiritual advisors
  • Career counselors

As we help you through the difficult legal process of divorce, we strive to support you as a whole person.

Contact Good Life Legal Before a Florida Divorce

A divorce can feel like a failure, but Good Life Legal wants you to see it as an opportunity. How can you take this legal obstacle and turn it into a catalyst for creating a better, more fulfilling life? We want to help you answer that question. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to the law. In a quick, no-obligation phone conversation, we will let you know if you need an attorney and, if you do, whether we’re the right law firm for you. We want to help you find a way to THRIVE!